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The Perfect Curriculum Vitae

Industry Specific

Your job field is the priority when designing the perfect Curriculum Vitae. Our individual designs are suited for every industry, whether strictly professional or casually creative. We know the jargon and the buzz words, which will grab every employers attention.

Chosen by you

We keep you involved at each stage of the design process, making sure you are not only 100% satisfied, but ensuring you feel your Creative CV is a part of who you truly are. You get to choose the color schemes and layouts and we’re happy to change and tweak until you can’t help but smile.

Its all about you

After completing a Curriculum Vitae, we feel like we know all there is to know about our clients! That’s the depth we go to, to ensure accuracy of information, offering a full screen shot of all you have to offer and the excellent employee you would be.

Cover Letter

Extravagant English and Industry Appropriate.

Using keywords you give us, we write you the perfect cover letter which can be easily moulded to suit whichever position you are applying for at whichever company you are applying at. The cover letter is the first port of call for your CV, editable by you to make it appropriate every time.

Creative CV

Eye Catching and Unique.

We are professional graphic designers, so rather than your CV being a bland set of words, we use colors, imagery and design techniques to make you a succinct and unique CV designed especially for you. This one or two page CV says all it needs to, while catching the eye of the employer. Only editable by us, any changes you want are free for 1 year!

Full Length CV

More than necessary but covers all bases.

Some companies still want to sift through a multitude of paper when looking for an employee. In order to placate them, and to cover all bases, we include a full length, text CV with every Creative CV. This word document is fully editable by you at all times.

Some of our work.

People we’ve helped so far.

There are very few professions we haven’t covered to date, so maybe you can help us add you to our list? Remember, we personalize your CV to suit your profession as perfectly as possible, making it industry and individual specific.

Our Work

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